Privacy Policy

The responsible data processor for the online store is HELSI OÜ (registration code 11645547), phone number +372 58555107, and email

1. What personal data is processed?

  • Name, phone number, and email address;
  • Delivery address of goods;
  • Bank account number;
  • Cost of goods and services and payment-related data (purchase history);
  • Customer support data.

2. For what purpose is personal data processed?

Personal data is used for managing customer orders and delivering goods.
Purchase history data (date of purchase, product, quantity, customer information) is used to create overviews of purchased goods and services and to analyze customer preferences.
The bank account number is used for refunding payments to the customer.
Personal data such as email, phone number, and customer name are processed to resolve issues related to the provision of goods and services (customer support).
The user’s IP address or other network identifiers are processed to provide the online store as an information society service and to make web usage statistics.

3. Legal basis

The processing of personal data is carried out for the purpose of fulfilling a contract with the customer. The processing of personal data is carried out for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation (e.g. accounting and consumer dispute resolution). Data processing is carried out with the customer’s consent for the following activities: sending newsletters.

4. Recipients to whom personal data is transmitted

Personal data is transmitted to the online store’s customer support for managing purchases and purchase history and resolving customer problems. Name, phone number, and email address are transmitted to the transport service provider chosen by the customer. If it is a product delivered by a courier, the customer’s address is also transmitted in addition to the contact information. If the online store’s accounting is done by a service provider, personal data is transmitted to the service provider for accounting operations. Personal data may be transferred to information technology service providers if it is necessary to ensure the functionality or data hosting of the online store.

5. Security and access to data

Access to personal data is granted to the online store’s employees who need to access the data in order to resolve technical issues related to the use of the online store and provide customer support services. Transmission of personal data to authorized processors of the online store (such as transport service providers and data hosting) is carried out on the basis of agreements concluded with the online store and authorized processors. Authorized processors are required to provide appropriate protection measures when processing personal data.

6. Accessing and correcting personal data

Personal data can be accessed and corrected in the user profile of the online store. If the purchase is made without a user account, personal data can be accessed through customer support.

7. Withdrawal of consent

If personal data processing is based on the customer’s consent, the customer has the right to withdraw consent by informing customer support by email.

8. Retention

When the customer account of the online store is closed, personal data is deleted, unless such data needs to be retained for accounting or consumer dispute resolution purposes. If a purchase is made in the online store without a customer account, the purchase history is kept for three years. In the case of payment and consumer disputes, personal data is kept until the claim is fulfilled or the limitation period expires.

9. Deletion

To delete personal data, contact customer support by email at The request for deletion will be responded to within one month, specifying the period for deletion of the data.

10. Transfer

Requests for the transfer of personal data submitted by email will be responded to within one month. Customer support will verify the identity of the person making the request and inform them of the personal data that is subject to transfer.

11. Direct marketing messages

Email addresses and phone numbers are used to send direct marketing messages if the customer has given their consent. If the customer does not wish to receive direct marketing messages, they must choose the appropriate link in the email footer or contact customer support. If personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes (profiling), the customer has the right to object to the initial and subsequent processing of their personal data, including profiling for direct marketing, at any time by informing customer support by email.

12. Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution related to the processing of personal data is carried out through customer support (+372 58555107,, on business days from 9-17). The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (

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Jewelry Care Guide

To keep your jewelry in better condition, you should follow some simple rules.

Jewelry with stones should be worn carefully, as some stones can be quite fragile. It is important to store and care for your jewelry properly. For example, jewelry should be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated dirt.

Daily Care for Diamonds

  • Certain household chemicals can damage diamonds, so we recommend taking off jewelry during household chores. 
  • Always put on jewelry after applying makeup and hair care products.
  • Treat all diamonds as fragile. Although diamonds can withstand harsh conditions, the settings themselves are made of precious metal, which is soft. Diamonds are also fragile to any heavy impact.

Wearing Diamonds Daily

  • Remove jewelry from your hands during household chores and any physical activity. 
  • We recommend removing jewelry before going to bed.
  • Keep jewelry away from alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine, and other corrosive substances. 
  • When storing jewelry, keep them in their original packaging or a jewelry box.

Storing diamonds

  • Jewelry scratches when it comes into contact with other pieces. Diamonds are some of the strongest minerals, which means they can scratch other soft materials when they come into contact.
  • Necklaces and bracelets should be placed separately in a flat box or jewelry case to prevent them from tangling.

Cleaning diamonds

  • We have various cleaning agents to help maintain and restore the appearance and shine of your jewelry.
  • Use a small brush and jewelry cleaning solution to clean diamonds.