Charlotte Eterntity Ring


Mined diamond equivalent cost: 1775 - 1859 EUR

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Charlotte small diamond ring boasts scalloped pavé diamonds held in elegantly sculpted prongs that stretch three-fourths of the band’s circumference, with a tiny sizing bar at the back. It perfectly complements delicate engagement rings.

Pave is not a diamond shape or cut, but rather a setting style that creates a “paved” appearance with diamonds. Translating to “pavement” in French, pave diamonds are set closely together, giving the piece a glittering look.

Total carat weight: 0,54ct

For diamonds over 0.5 carats, an international IGI certificate is included. Each diamond is carefully chosen by our jewelry artist and is of DEF color and VS+ clarity.

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Jewelry Care Guide

To keep your jewelry in better condition, you should follow some simple rules.

Jewelry with stones should be worn carefully, as some stones can be quite fragile. It is important to store and care for your jewelry properly. For example, jewelry should be cleaned regularly to remove accumulated dirt.

Daily Care for Diamonds

  • Certain household chemicals can damage diamonds, so we recommend taking off jewelry during household chores. 
  • Always put on jewelry after applying makeup and hair care products.
  • Treat all diamonds as fragile. Although diamonds can withstand harsh conditions, the settings themselves are made of precious metal, which is soft. Diamonds are also fragile to any heavy impact.

Wearing Diamonds Daily

  • Remove jewelry from your hands during household chores and any physical activity. 
  • We recommend removing jewelry before going to bed.
  • Keep jewelry away from alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia, chlorine, and other corrosive substances. 
  • When storing jewelry, keep them in their original packaging or a jewelry box.

Storing diamonds

  • Jewelry scratches when it comes into contact with other pieces. Diamonds are some of the strongest minerals, which means they can scratch other soft materials when they come into contact.
  • Necklaces and bracelets should be placed separately in a flat box or jewelry case to prevent them from tangling.

Cleaning diamonds

  • We have various cleaning agents to help maintain and restore the appearance and shine of your jewelry.
  • Use a small brush and jewelry cleaning solution to clean diamonds.